Manged IT Solutions
Computer Services & IT Consultant

Imagine the value of a fully staffed IT service department at a fraction of the cost. As a Managed Service Provider, Coverged provides a solution tailored specifically for small to midsize businesses that wish to focus their efforts on their core business without the distraction and added costs of managing an IT service department.

Coverged oversees your day‑to‑day IT needs while providing strategic guidance to make sure you get the most from your IT investments and all for a fixed monthly fee.

Our IT management team leverages our Coverged Cloud to keep your systems running at their optimum level and provide protection from hardware failure or threats to your data both internally and externally. 

When a problem does occur, we are always there to help, our technology lets us remotely shadow your employee’s issues on their request so that we can quickly see, identify and resolve the problem. Unlike other IT companies if we are unable to solve the issue remotely we will arrive on‑site as needed and stay until the problem is fully resolved.

Our technicians are highly trained and certified, typically in multiple technologies, and they are especially talented at working with people who would rather remain non-technical. 


Cloud Concierge

We help you navigate your way through the cloud. Helping you find and implement the right solutions. Converged cloud concierge gives you the benefit of the cloud and personalized one on one service. Without the confusion or impersonal online systems. 

Many businesses moving to the cloud because cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many benefits.

Cloud Readiness Audit

To ensure we clearly understand what benefits your organisation requires from moving to a cloud based solution, Coverged first needs to understand your business imperatives, business plan and business processes.

Once these are understood and mapped, we build an IT map showing how your current IT services support your business processes. We work with you to understand the existing TCO, and what your current business restrictions and issues are.

Business Process Audit

Our review of your business processes may reveal processes that are inconsistent, broken or missing. We conduct an audit and evaluation of these and facilitate workshops to create or repair business processes.

Strategic Solution and Roadmap Development

Coverged conduct's focused workshops to review and select the right solutions aimed at satisfying your business needs, as determined in the above steps.


Virtual CTO
IT Companies Promise Virtual CTO ...
We Deliver. Period. 

Realize the full return on your business IT computer service investment with an expert strategy from a virtual CTO. We offer the guidance of an expert who is disciplined in matching business needs to technology potential. Other IT companies might promise this service, but Coverged delivers with 20 years of strategic experience.

Process standardization, workflow creation, budget forecasting, training, operational optimization, security compliance are just a few services included. With analysis and the expertise of a virtual CTO,  we are able to turn your technology into a strategic advantage.